Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Original Creation By Me !!!!!!

I so love this set - This is an Original Creation by me- For those of you who are not familiar with what that means- let me explain so no one is confused or think i actually made the pattern- I do not make patterns nor sale the patterns i buy them from different paper piecing companies- What I do is not make the pattern exactly the way the companies have them pictured Most of the time i don't even make the pattern as a whole I mix them up with alllll the different companies - I LOVE BEING ORIGINAL -  So when you see a set on my blog that reads OCBM Or Original Creation By Me  it means you can not buy this pattern set at any company as is because i created it --I didn't go and buy it I combined patterns I already own with my original ideas even though theres lots of patterns out there to choose from theres alot they don't make for some reason --just like Christmas morning ????? why wouldn't these companies offer a Christmas morning file ??? that's like the biggest point is when the kids wake up Christmas morning and open there presents right? trimming the tree and all that is 2ND- Every family in America has manyyyyyyy pictures of Christmas morning so why not have a pattern for it??? your guess is as good as mine SO i made my own - hopefully this helps so no one thinks i made the patterns I just made  all the different patterns into this -from my imagination and creativity I LOVE CREATIVITY  I LOVE SEEING PPL BEING ORIGINAL -Use your OWNN ideas and make something new -- And that's what I'm known for that and being a POP DOT QUEEN back in March when I first started and knew nothing about paper piecing a woman on facebook would comment on every picture YOU ARE THE POP DOT QUEEN- and i thought it was cute and this was when i didn't even own a paper piecing pattern i was using cricut cartridges to make "paper piecings" I had no idea about paper piecing companies DT teams and all that --Gosh it feels like a lifetime ago ....
And...remember keep creating

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