Saturday, December 10, 2011


OK for everyone who is not to sure about blog hops --- I finished my first one today FINISHED being the key word. I had attempted many many more before tonight but never ever had the chance to finish-between blogger issues --signing in-making comments-joining- cut and pasting-getting "blinky buttons" or even trying to figure out what a blinky button is and how to get it LOL -- even FINDING the comment section  was a horrible experience for me ---BUT TODAY----- i actually finished the SCRAPPING BUG AND LITTLE SCRAPS OF HEAVEN  blog hop- don't get me wrong it was a bit confusing on some blogs because they had old hops still on the same page so I found myself getting off track realizing I was now on the older hop from a week ago--SO P.S PLEASE don't have an old blog right on the same page as the new blog for us newbies it gets confusing-- ANYWAY i got back on track-  i did get discouraged with so much to do - SO P.S Please don't make hops difficult by making us get BLINKY BUTTONS OR any buttons for that matter please remember not everyone is computer savvy but we still want to play along----So after that I thought about quiting but nooooo I decided to trudge on--- Well after joining -visiting-commenting -searching for comments (which some of them were so little and in such a light color you could barely find) so finally I made it to the end .... HAPPY ESTA TIC!!! then no pictures nothing loaded- blogger would not let me join-- BUT it let me leave a comment --but you have to do it all for the chance of the BIG PRIZE! SO frustrated I took a break smoked a cig--(YES I SMOKE) I came back and the BLOG GODS shined down on me and let me join still couldn't see the pictures but at least I got to do all the requirements for the chance to win the 200.00 in free patterns--
.THE POINT IS--- don't get discouraged newbies you will eventually make it through ONE blog hop although it took me 8 months to actually get through one it was worth it- i got to see alot of great projects and even some inspiration -- REMEMBER --Keep creating!!!!!

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