Thursday, December 29, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody !!! Im doing 2 sets of New Year Eve's bears from Cloud Nine designs
these are the first two of the sets -Im really digging the white more then I thought I would
Hope you like them AND....... remember  keep creating!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Original Creation By Me !!!!!!

I so love this set - This is an Original Creation by me- For those of you who are not familiar with what that means- let me explain so no one is confused or think i actually made the pattern- I do not make patterns nor sale the patterns i buy them from different paper piecing companies- What I do is not make the pattern exactly the way the companies have them pictured Most of the time i don't even make the pattern as a whole I mix them up with alllll the different companies - I LOVE BEING ORIGINAL -  So when you see a set on my blog that reads OCBM Or Original Creation By Me  it means you can not buy this pattern set at any company as is because i created it --I didn't go and buy it I combined patterns I already own with my original ideas even though theres lots of patterns out there to choose from theres alot they don't make for some reason --just like Christmas morning ????? why wouldn't these companies offer a Christmas morning file ??? that's like the biggest point is when the kids wake up Christmas morning and open there presents right? trimming the tree and all that is 2ND- Every family in America has manyyyyyyy pictures of Christmas morning so why not have a pattern for it??? your guess is as good as mine SO i made my own - hopefully this helps so no one thinks i made the patterns I just made  all the different patterns into this -from my imagination and creativity I LOVE CREATIVITY  I LOVE SEEING PPL BEING ORIGINAL -Use your OWNN ideas and make something new -- And that's what I'm known for that and being a POP DOT QUEEN back in March when I first started and knew nothing about paper piecing a woman on facebook would comment on every picture YOU ARE THE POP DOT QUEEN- and i thought it was cute and this was when i didn't even own a paper piecing pattern i was using cricut cartridges to make "paper piecings" I had no idea about paper piecing companies DT teams and all that --Gosh it feels like a lifetime ago ....
And...remember keep creating

My DOLLY!! isnt she cute?

Okkk-this is part of my christmas morning set -for everyone who is not familiar with my lingo here at creating out loud - "frankenstein" means its a set put together from different companies and different sets- So this is my franenstein set called Christmas morning -Im putting together the most Iconic toys I could think of over the years -Im very proud of my dolly ive been working and practicing to do better hair and here i think i accomplished it- hair is a very difficult thing to do-  I think all highlights and shading is difficul,t trying to make something like paper look 3 dimentional -i hope everyone loves her
AND...remember keep creating!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Finally some good pictures!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got a good picture!!! YAYYY thats a BIG win for me-
My little "frankenstein" set is comming along --


I know I wanted one of these when I was a little girl -find this pattern aDesigns on Cloud nine -its in the santa's helpers pattern set---AND.....remember keep creating!!!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One of the pieces going into a set (AN ORIGINAL BY ME) the set not the piece:)

Ok heres Jack-jack is from a set called santa's toy shop over at designs on cloud nine except he's on the roof:) so i took him off the roof re-worked him a bit and now hes just jack in the box instead of jack on the roof :) Im creating an entire set from random different pattern sets and companies and I cant wait to you guys see it .Ill be listing the set on ebay BUT if anyone is interested they can always email me- I hate paying ebay their fees :) my email is you must put paper piecings in subject line or it wont get opened-sorry ill think its spam or some virus
and..... remember keep creating!!!!!!!


Another great pattern fom Michelle over at Designs On Cloud Nine
Had lots of fun making him---  i think i'm going to combine these two nutcrackers and me an Original creation by me LOL make sure you come back and see what i do with these two companies nutcracker pattern --AND.... remember keep creating !!!


I wish i had a full length picture but everyone I took comes up sideways on here and I cant figure out to rotate it to the right direction-if neone can help me please do --- Just another "frankinstein' as I like to call them(when i use different companies to create one paper piecing or set) I am playing still with this one im not satisfied just yet-I love toy soldiers/nutcrackers and am not impressed with the itty bitty pattern selection on the subject--which i find odd considering its such a big deal that i cant believe none of the pattern companies made us some --- come back to see whatelse i do with him IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!! andd... remember keep creating!!!! 


 Another set I had a great time making --- Christmas season is all about the cooking and family traditions. My memory as a kid was with my mom and sister baking gingerbread cookies from scratch every year.....What are some of your favorite holiday memories?  AND..... remember keep creating !!!


This is one of my first sets I ever bought
Loved doing this set and i think it turned out VERY NICE!!!!
Find this set at Little Scraps of Heaven Designs
and REMEMBER.... keep creating!!!


When ever you see ORIGINAL CREATION BY ME it refers to the way it was put together NOT that I made the pattern myself ---- ENJOY My original creations (this pattern is not available from any company) thanks and ....REMEMBER keep creating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


OK for everyone who is not to sure about blog hops --- I finished my first one today FINISHED being the key word. I had attempted many many more before tonight but never ever had the chance to finish-between blogger issues --signing in-making comments-joining- cut and pasting-getting "blinky buttons" or even trying to figure out what a blinky button is and how to get it LOL -- even FINDING the comment section  was a horrible experience for me ---BUT TODAY----- i actually finished the SCRAPPING BUG AND LITTLE SCRAPS OF HEAVEN  blog hop- don't get me wrong it was a bit confusing on some blogs because they had old hops still on the same page so I found myself getting off track realizing I was now on the older hop from a week ago--SO P.S PLEASE don't have an old blog right on the same page as the new blog for us newbies it gets confusing-- ANYWAY i got back on track-  i did get discouraged with so much to do - SO P.S Please don't make hops difficult by making us get BLINKY BUTTONS OR any buttons for that matter please remember not everyone is computer savvy but we still want to play along----So after that I thought about quiting but nooooo I decided to trudge on--- Well after joining -visiting-commenting -searching for comments (which some of them were so little and in such a light color you could barely find) so finally I made it to the end .... HAPPY ESTA TIC!!! then no pictures nothing loaded- blogger would not let me join-- BUT it let me leave a comment --but you have to do it all for the chance of the BIG PRIZE! SO frustrated I took a break smoked a cig--(YES I SMOKE) I came back and the BLOG GODS shined down on me and let me join still couldn't see the pictures but at least I got to do all the requirements for the chance to win the 200.00 in free patterns--
.THE POINT IS--- don't get discouraged newbies you will eventually make it through ONE blog hop although it took me 8 months to actually get through one it was worth it- i got to see alot of great projects and even some inspiration -- REMEMBER --Keep creating!!!!!


I loved making this set from litle Scraps of Heaven designs-- it is the country christmas pattern set --- As always everything you see here is for sale :) I just wanted to add to any new ppl ,just starting out paper piecing-dont give up!!!!! I know how it is to look at ppls work and think wowwww i wish mine looked like that-- DONT WORRY you will grow into your own signature look and if you need help or tips you can always contact me-- I was extremely lucky when i started -I met an EXTREMELY TALENTED WOMAN and wonderful person who showed me the way --I will NEVER be able to thank her enough or showww enough apreciation for her help and her friendship ---which is DEARLY missed ---  AND remember-keep creating!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

  This is another set I had a good time doing- this one came from Michelle Rene over at Designs on cloud nine--her button to take you over there to look at more of her fantastic patterns is to the right of this post--REMEBER--keep creating!!!!
I had a GREAT time with this one too- I put my own lil twist on a pattern from Little Scraps of heaven designs--- i added some music notes and will get around to doing a jingle bell title to go with these guys --  REMEMBER--keep creating :)


I really had a GREAT time with this set from Michelle over at Designs on cloud nine -- this set is also for sale :) if anyone new needs help with paper piecing pls contact me -im still new and am learning but I am always willing to help other newbies-- have a great day -- remember....... be creative


MY latest paper piecing set-- ALL SETS ARE FOR SALE --please contact me at if interested pls put paper piecing in subject thanks-- I also take custom orders :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Find this pattern and many others at
I had alot of fun doing this Layout- I will be doing another SBD pattern next-- Im a halloween freak :) so I will be doing as many Halloween Layouts as I can. I hope everyone enjoys my creations. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS OR LEAVE ANY COMMENTS

Monday, August 1, 2011

My very first non LSHD paper piecing!!! WOW I Know :)

WOW right? Everyone is use to me doing nothing but Little Scraps Of Heavens Design ( LSHD) This July Bear is from Scraptastical Designs and its part of the Month Bears. I had fun doing it but I will be better next time doing one of their patterns. I totally suggest this company for beginners- pattern was not difficult at all. The link to this company is posted below-

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thinking Outside the BOX project--- Using a recycled priority post office box

This project was part of the Christmas in July week- little Scraps of Heaven Designs had a challenge to think outside the box and to use a box--i choose something I could recylce & re-use --anddd save money!! I just love it-I'm making one for every theme of paper- This originally started out as a priority postal box that brought me some presents from EBAY-- Im pretty sure it was crafts LOL- The santa is part of the Twas the night begore Christmas pattern set from LSHD-I really enjoyed this project :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


this is a set I'm thinking about selling --if interested let me know--

I really wish there was a card maker out there that I could contact , that makes and donates cards to operation write home or any other organazation who makes and or writes mail to our soldiers. I would love to connect with someone to donate all my paper piecings to . If anyone has a name of someone or their contact info please leave it in comments or give them my contact info-thanks

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Please email me if you have any questions at write in SUBJECT tutorial -thanks

I am also considering doing a live video -the top photo is what your bottle cap should look like when you apply your demensional glue, make sure you glue your image down first and let completely dry-- most important at this stage is BUBBLES!!! do not shake your dementional glue and take a toothpick to pop or flick out your bubbles or after it dries it will NOT look good-2nd from top- is a example of GRUNGE-making your caps look old and vintage , I used a hammer, yes girls a hammer and some Tim Holtz paper and you have your vintage bottle caps 3rd Pic from top- I made with the help of Tim Holtz fragments , I needed an old looking necklace for my altered art box, so I used my graphic images-4th picture from top-Is just an example of embellishments i made for a project all with inchie graphics and of course not the old vintage phots, those are also from Tim Holtz paper line-5th pic from top- my personalized push pins also made from inchie art -- I hope I have helped you with your adventure with inchie graphics -

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STEP SEVEN IN TUTORIAL -These are just some more Uses when using these graphics.......

Book Marks- Bows- Scrapbooking Embellishments- neclaces-Jacket pulls-flipflops-paper clips -magnets- personalized pushpins - and im sure there are a million more-- Thanks for following my tutorial I hope it helped ...