Thursday, June 9, 2011


Please email me if you have any questions at write in SUBJECT tutorial -thanks

I am also considering doing a live video -the top photo is what your bottle cap should look like when you apply your demensional glue, make sure you glue your image down first and let completely dry-- most important at this stage is BUBBLES!!! do not shake your dementional glue and take a toothpick to pop or flick out your bubbles or after it dries it will NOT look good-2nd from top- is a example of GRUNGE-making your caps look old and vintage , I used a hammer, yes girls a hammer and some Tim Holtz paper and you have your vintage bottle caps 3rd Pic from top- I made with the help of Tim Holtz fragments , I needed an old looking necklace for my altered art box, so I used my graphic images-4th picture from top-Is just an example of embellishments i made for a project all with inchie graphics and of course not the old vintage phots, those are also from Tim Holtz paper line-5th pic from top- my personalized push pins also made from inchie art -- I hope I have helped you with your adventure with inchie graphics -

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