Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ok, once you have your graphic punched and your medium your adhereing it to--- you would use the same products your going to seal with to actual glue the graphic on to your medium-then depending on your project (example if your making a pendant) you would take your E6000 glue and glue your "finding" to the back of your necklace pendant-- FINDING is used  in jewelry making to describe various items, in this instant Im referring to the actual silver piece that you put your cord or whatever your stringing your necklace with . Also here is some various suggestions you can use to string your pendant- leather cord-ball chain-ribbon necklace (which you can buy or make yourself) the one pictured was bought I think its cheaper to buy them then to make them (THEY ARE VERY CHEAP) or softflex wire, which the one pictured is from HOBBY LOBBY and was very exspensive since it is .925 sterling silver all purpose flex wire

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