Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STEP FOUR SEALING-- your project or using a glass blank which will really make your graphic POP

In this next step you have various different products to seal your chipboard, wood, bottlecaps, plastic , or glass blanks or other various mediums -- Also included a close up of a inchie square glass blank
Diamond Glaze from Judakins- Glossy Accents from Ranger- Dimentional Glue from Mod Ponge- Epoxy circles from The paper studio and E6000 Craft glue (which is not for sealing) E6000 is for attaching your finding on back of project if making jewelry--( glass blanks come in various sizes)
OK SEALING-- USING GLASS BLANK- take one of those products I showed you in previous picture and squeeze out little more then a dime size on your graphic side, then take your blank and put real pressure down on it, if your putting enought pressure you will see the adhesive flatened out all over your graphic-let dry then cut anything hanging over your glass blank ,then you want to apply modge pod over and over the back, many layers letting each dry and then sandpaper  around the edges making all the layers of modge pod smooth and not even noticeable next step is attaching the "finding" silver pendant to the back with E6000 glue
Sealing chipboard or wood - put your adhesive on back of graphic and adhere to medium flip over and useing your deminsional glue of your choice (without shaking it) squeeze a thick layer over your image and let stand for 24 hours (any bubbles pop with a toothpick) your demensional glue should be a thick clear layer on top of your graphic
SEALING BOTTLE CAPS- after  glueing your graphin on outside of bottle cap you can use a epoxy circle or use your demensional glue just as you did for step above and let dry - then glue your magnet or finding with E6000 glue- This goes for using your graphic on the inside of your bottle cap as well

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